“Goodbye, Darlings! So long, Everyone!”

Although closing night was this past Sunday, I still feel the bittersweetness that came with our last performance.  These kids really did pull out six amazing performances that were worth the sold-out theater for every single one of them, and I’m going to miss being part of the magic of Neverland.  With that, I had…

The nostalgia for YAS: Peter Pan Jr. is so real…

When you spend an entire 3 weeks with 110 kids devoted to the in’s and out’s of Neverland, you can’t help but get nostalgic when it comes to a sudden end on closing night, and the days following thus. After the past three days spent in and out of sleep (but no, seriously, the Monday…

Lagoon Cast: Wendy & Tiger Lily (Clara & Serena)

Cove Cast: Wendy & Peter Pan (Ellie & Bella)

Lagoon Cast

Director & Choreographer, Liorah, teaching Tiger Lily (Savvy) her solo dance!

Lagoon Cast

Lagoon Cast: John & Michael (Matthew & Lorenzo)

Lagoon Cast: Wendy (Clara) NOTE: Credit for this photo actually goes to Musical Director, Anna 🙂

Lagoon Cast: John & Michael (Matthew & Lorenzo)

Lagoon Cast: Tinkerbell (Megan)

Lagoon Cast: Darling Children