Fangirling: A Full-Time Job

  1. informal, derogatory
    an obsessive female fan (usually of movies, comic books, or science fiction).

It’s truly a full-time job, and quite often, it happens as a reflexive, unconscious action (at least for me it does…)!

Examples of what it may look like? Look below:

Moments in which fangirling would be applied to?

A. When your OTP (One True Pairing) kisses or has an intimate moment

vanessa hudgens fangirling

B. When you meet your favorite celebrity/YouTuber/blogger/role model/style icon/anything that may fit into these types of categories

joey let me love you

C. When a heartfelt moment happens in your favorite book/TV show/movie/play

emma watson fangirling

D. When you go to Comic-Con and at your favorite panel for your favorite show, they reveal a huge and amazing piece of news or art or…well, honestly if they announce anything. Because it’s your favorite TV show. Anything is exciting.

E. When your favorite entertainment source (film/TV/comic book/novel trilogy/whatever!) is about to premiere it’s new whatever. (Doesn’t matter what it is. It’s new. THAT’S AMAZING.)

star butterfly fangirling

F. When you find out something amazing happened for your celebrity role model/favorite celeb couple/OTP/show (renewal of a show’s season, they got engaged IRL, they landed an amazing new role, etc.)

G. When a MAJORLY attractive guy comes on your screen. Or if you’re lucky, IRL right in front of yo face. Even better bonus? HE’S A SWEETHEART AND HILARIOUS TOO.

new girl rub my face on his face

H. When you meet other fangirls who are just as fangirl-y about the things you fangirl about, BECAUSE YOU ALL FANGIRL ABOUT THE SAME THINGS AND ITS GLORIOUS.

And there’s your basic introduction to the fangirl life! Visit my category pages to see exactly what I fangirl about, and maybe we can all fangirl together. ❤



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