After finally settling on my first ever Disneybound x Cakeworthy item, AND combined with Cakeworthy’s quite literal “BEST WEEK EVER Sale” Event, I was finally able to purchase the limited edition Captain Hook SnapBack! Although I wish I had had one during my run of working on Peter Pan Jr., I wanted to wait for…

My “Lost Trinkets” of Neverland!

My handmade DIY gift to the production team of Peter Pan Jr. A little jar filled with pixie dust and a feather from Peter’s hat.  All the essentials needed so you can fly!

My “Lost Trinkets” of Neverland!

Part 2 of Liorah & Ann’s gift to the company captains: A gorgeous bedazzled moon, with a star engraved with the magical words, “Off to Neverland”!

My “Lost Trinkets” of Neverland!

Part 1 of Liorah & Ann’s gift to the company captains: Peter’s Shadow! Thankfully, we have a necklace chain to keep him from escaping. No soap or sewing kit needed!

Happy National Sisters Day!

Sisters, related by blood or simply by bond, are so important.  I’m lucky enough to have an older sister, and she’s the bomb dot com.  I also have two best friends who I’ve known since birth, and together, all four of us (with my real sister and I included) are one big super group of…