So apparently this is how you start a blog!star and marco dance gif

Of course, let’s begin with names and intros and all that jazz.  I go by Sara Chan, hence the title of the website being “takingCHANces3veryday” (although it won’t let me capitalize the CHAN part…but do take that into account!).  And it’s S-A-R-A, no H…’cause H’s are EW!! (direct quote of one of my utmost favorite comedians, Jimmy Fallon.)

This is hopefully going to be a start to helping me network connections as I go through acting training in college, and just following my adventures wherever I go, be it at school in New York or back home in California.  You can also see what I fangirl over (TV series, celebrity crushes, music, the works!), what I’m working on, and fashion/beauty styles that I love–regular or Disney related!

So please, go explore the blog! If not, like Sara from Ew! on the Tonight Show, “EW! GET OUT OF HERE GARRRAYY!!” (if your name is not Gary, fill in your name there.)jimmy fallon ew get out gary

Thanks for reading!

xo, Sara


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