Thursday Thoughts: Nerves, Hope, Take Action.

Why is it that we get nervous? Nervous for the future. Nervous for what might happen. Nervous for someone else. Nerves for an audition or an interview or a date. Nervous for words that might be said, for what could occur, what could change.

I don’t know if it’s just me and with the things that I just happened to list above came to my mind first, but quite often it seems the things we’re nervous about happen to have an association with the future, something that has yet to occur. Now, I could be completely be wrong, and please feel free to disagree, but that seems to be the trend. But why would we even get nervous for something that hasn’t even happened and follow-up occurrences that might not even happen? Because we fear uncertainty. We fear the what-if’s and the possibilities and the negatives.

Guess what? NOTHING HAS HAPPENED YET. And already with only two days of official training from Stonestreet Studios under my belt, the faculty has given me major pieces of advice that are simple but need to be said to us infinitely, because they’re just that important and useful.

Some advice about nerves? Use them. You know why they call it nervous energy? Because that’s what it is: it’s energy. And it needs somewhere to go, so why not put it to use? It’s excitement, it’s fear, it’s a lot of things. But it’s like a pot of boiling water with your hand on the lid. You can try and suppress it all you want, but that water is going to keep boiling and eventually you’ll have to take that lid off if you want it to escape. The question is: are you going to be the one to control it or are you going to let it boil over on its own and end up burning you?”

– David Cady

“Let problems be problems when they actually become problems. Don’t make shit up in your head. Don’t ever go in with doubt. And it’s amazing how much you actually do right when you don’t fear or focus on what you’re doing or could do wrong.”

– Andy Roth

Yeah, I know. My teachers are freaking geniuses.

And while this applies to acting, it can also apply to life. And this was only from one, maybe two, classes with these guys! Xx


Why is it so hard for us to have hope? Have positive expectations and optimism towards the future?

Because life. Whether personal or on a societal scale, I honestly think that we’ve grown up in a society that tells us it’s easier to expect nothing and we won’t be disappointed if nothing comes of it, rather than to be hopeful and possibly let down if it doesn’t work out.
Why do I think this?

Because we are a generation of shortcuts and excuses and easy ways out.

It’s a shitty thing to say, I know that. But think about it? It’s kind of true. We want the fastest wifi to get what we need as easily as possible. We want the best technology so we don’t have to do as much (hello, Siri will Google shit for you instead of simply just typing it in yourself. Voice command, touch screens, cameras and filters that will edit for us). When things don’t work out our way, we blame someone else or something else (technology, the government, someone we hate or feel doesn’t agree with us, childhood, our parents, etc.). We want the fastest, the best, the shortest route to get to what we want. We don’t get it? Then we b*tch about it. But guess what? We never actually do anything to get what is better for us. We just complain and fear and worry and get angry.
What happened if we actually did something about it? What if we allowed ourselves to be immersed in the situation, no matter how scary, and just see what happened? If it doesn’t work out, hey, at least you can say you did something and tried to have a hand in it. Then? You pick yourself up, and try again.

“A person’s problems are not what’s interesting about the person. It’s how they choose to respond and actually deal with it that’s important.”

– Ellen Parks

And once again, you can see the wisdom of my Stonestreet teachers applies to both the arts, and to life.


Know that hope isn’t for suckers; hope comes from the people brave enough to believe that something can change, something good can come from whatever hand we’re dealt. The right balance of optimism and realism is needed in any situation. We have to gauge that ourselves. But just know that life knows what it’s doing.

“Some things are just impossible.”

“I used to not believe that.”

“I still don’t.”

– Girl Meet World

Xo, Sara


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