SYTYCD: Next Generation Winner is…


BLESS Y’ALL: Kida Burns won So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation and everything makes sense in the world.

This kid is multi-talented, and just overall amazing. He’s worked with people like Usher to Justin Bieber, and with mentor Fik-Shun (from SYTYCD Season 10), he showed us what he was made of.  From the beginning, Kida’s hip-hop routines were out of this world (literally, he could do the robot and move his body in un-humanly ways that were just mindblowing. Go watch his audition; it’s AMAZING.), but he shone brightly even in dances completely out of his stylistic comfort zone (um, hello? That paso doble with Tate? PHENOMENAL.)! And tonight, America chose the dancer most deserving of the winning title.

And that’s definitely not to say the others in the top 4 weren’t deserving! Everyone in this season was unbelievable, and at such a young age!  JT & Tate blew my mind each week as contemporary dancers, and Emma was an out-of-this-world tap dancer. Plus, even the kids who got eliminated were nothing short of brilliant (Forever watching #TeamJake’s dances with Jake & my beloved Jenna Johnson. Also Comfort & Tahani or Marko & Sheadan. HELLO!!). I think it’s phenomenal that SYTYCD allowed for kids from ages 8-13 to finally get a chance to shine and strut their stuff on the show. It’s primarily been 16 and older dancers that were qualified to audition, but with this season, you can see that the younger generation of dancers has some artistic talent that this world is going to need.

One of my favorite dances of the season’s was Kida’s own choreographed piece with his mentor Fik-Shun: episode 11’s hip hop robotics dance.  The challenge of that week was for the kids to choreograph a dance to teach their mentors, as well as designing the entire performance: music, costumes, everything! What was so artistically great about Kida’s was that it was not only intense & insane choreography for a 13-year-old to create, it had a comedic & ingenious story to it of literally teaching his mentor how to be a bad-a** dancing robot. And as judge Jason Derulo said after watching it, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?!? Wow.” It was In. Sane. I’ve lost track of how many times I watched it. (Literally. As soon as the dance is done I press replay and rewind it back to the beginning. I did that for 2 hours the first time I saw it. Still do it every now and then. It’s THAT good, guys.)

Do yourself a favor and watch ALL of Leon “Kida” Burns’ dances on YouTube. You’ll be thankful you did. Congratulations to Kida, who just happens to be from my hometown of Sacramento, CA. REPRESENT!!!! And congrats to all the next gen. dancers from this season! Great opportunities are coming for them in the future. And lets hope they strike a creative spark in all of us. They’ve definitely made me want to brush off my dance shoes & go take a jazz or contemporary dance class again!

Xo Sara


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