Style Watch: Who’s that girl? ♪♫

It’s Jess! No wait…

It’s ME!

Bet you didn’t see that one coming, did ya? No you probably did.2016-08-17 00.00.26

One of my favorite characters on television, Jessica Day from New Girl (whom a LOT of my friends–actually my entire ensemble @ my acting studio + my awesome comedy teacher, Paul!!–believe is basically who I am on TV, personality-wise) knows how to rock an awkward smile, an adorable outfit paired with glasses & her signature curls, and an untimely-mannered song that should otherwise be regular conversation.2016-08-17 00.01.11

But even more so, the ever-so-quirky and ever-so-talented actress who plays her, Ms. Zooey Deschanel, knows a thing or two about fashion.  A huge part of her wardrobe comes from kate spade new york, and sometimes the designer brand will make an appearance on the show in Deschanel’s character’s fashion!  But, I noticed a certain kate spade dress in particular when the actress–along with the rest of her New Girl cast–appeared on the telecast of WE Day (a celebration of youth making a difference in their local and global communities).

Donning our “sunny daisy fiorella dress” from the March 2016 collection, Deschanel is literally a ray of sunshine in the adorable fit and flare alongside her comedic castmates.

When I first started working at kate spade new york in June, I wanted to make sure that the first ever dress I got from the designer brand not only looked good, but also made me feel good–confident, happy, and radiant whenever I put it on.  I tried on several dresses, but when I came out wearing this one and showed my fellow sales muses, they all agreed that this should be my first ever kate spade dress.  Little did I know that one of my favorite actresses who just happens to play one of favorite characters & TV doppelgängers–Jessica Day–owned this very dress!

2016-06-02 00.42.53

I straight up LOOOVEEE this dress.  If I could wear everyday, I probably would.  Everything about it makes me love my body type, and really shows my personality through its print and color (daisies are my favorite flower, and yellow is just so bright and cheery!).  Plus the fact that Zooey owns it herself? AMAZING.  And today, my lovely friend & fellow kate spade muse, Maggie, helped me recreate the photo of Deschanel from her WE Day talk: 2016-08-16 21.09.16

And yes, I felt pretty dang quirky and beautiful emanating the lovely Ms. Deschanel.  Maybe one day we’ll bump into each other IRL and just happening to be twinning?  Who knows?  The possibilities are endless in New York City.  And the question we’ll be asking each other when that happens:

new girl who's that girl

Xo Sara ❤


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