I’m Back!! (again…)

guess who star butterfly


I know I’ve basically been on a hiatus from blogging because my spring semester of my 2nd year at college was CRAAAZYYYYY! For my acting studio, 2nd year spring semester is focused on a project called throughline, in which we are cast as the main protagonist in a play of our choosing, and we create a 20 minute performance from a collection of scenes that show our character’s story arc/hero’s journey, or as we called it, their “throughline” in the play.  I was Rosalind in Shakespeare’s As You Like It, and it went incredibly!! I will share photos and more info in my “I Can’t, I Have Rehearsal” tab & will create a separate page just for throughline! So check it out when I post it. 🙂

Anyways, now that it’s summer, you’d think I’d have more time to be able to start blogging again, right? Answer:

dr cox wrong

I decided to stay in New York by myself for the first time for summer, and it’s pretty difficult with 2 jobs and all the apartment hunting I’ve had to do.  But, now I’m back home in California for 2 weeks, I have a sweet NYC apartment when I get back to the Big Apple, and I’ll be sure to carve out time to blog more! I have A LOT of posts to catch up on since January, which include but are not limited to:

  • my 20th birthday adventures in DISNEYLAND ❤
  • my throughline journey with As You Like It (which includes my BEAUTIFUL and magnificently talented cast/studio ensemble members)
  • my new job at kate spade new york!!
  • San Diego Comic Con 2016 (SO MUCH TO NERD OUT ON)
  • my new binge watches (90210, Fuller House [don’t judge me, I’m a sucker for the cheesiness], anything on Food Network)
  • my continuations of my favorites show (Star vs. the Forces of Evil season 2, How to Get Away with Murder season 2, Bob’s BurgersSteven UniverseThe Flash…okay there’s a LOT of shows…hehe)
  • the excitement of my older sister’s storyboard work on the new Powerpuff Girls series!
  • the Pokemon Go craze (and my own experience with it lol)
  • more Pillow Thoughts
  • Brooklyn artist Adam JK’s 1 Page at a Time book and my personal progress on my own copy
  • and much more!

star butterfly excitementGet ready, friends! It’s gonna be a lot of new posts and a lot of fun 🙂


Can’t wait for y’all to see everything! Talk soon. ❤


Xx Sara


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