Latest Binge: How to Get Away with Murder

I’ve been meaning to start a new show for a long time, and I have a list that could go on for days that lines up all the new series that I have on my to-do plate.  But, I finally go to Netflix, click on the pilot episode and start one of the most daring and exciting series to ever hit television: How to Get Away with Murder.

I actually began this series about a year back, but it’s kind of a funny story.  On my first Thanksgiving holiday away from home, I was staying with a friend in Connecticut.  She said she need to catch up on the first season of the show (which I’ll abbreviate as HTGAWM) and asked if I wanted to watch it with her.  I told her it was kinda late, we had gotten in to town pretty late on the train and plus I wasn’t familiar with the show so I’d get lost from the episode she was continuing from.  She said the show had flashbacks and she’d explain it to me, so I told her I’d watch an episode.  I ended up staying up until 3AM with her watching the series, and we were so sad when we had caught up (at the time, season 1 had not concluded so a few episodes had yet to air).  I couldn’t get enough and told myself I’d watch from the beginning eventually.  But school got busy, and other series got in the way, so I never got to it.

Until now. AND I’M SO FREAKING GLAD I DID OH. MY. GOD. How could I have not started this earlier?! This show, let me tell you, is UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE.  With a killer cast (no pun intended, but delightfully just occurred) led by the incredible, awe-inspiring actress that is Viola Davis, I can’t stop watching.  I kept playing episodes this past Sunday, knowing all too well that I’d face the consequences Monday morning in class but I. Didn’t. Care.  I had to know what was coming next. And I’m glad I did IT’S TOO GOOD TO STOP.

how-to-get-away-with-murder-season-2-midCutthroat and confident law professor & criminal defense attorney, Annalise Keating (Davis) hires five of her students to intern at her law firm and solve cases, all while coinciding with the lessons she teaches in her class of Criminal Law 100, or as she like to call it: “How to Get Away with Murder.” (Awesome right? I know.)  The series begins with the news covering a student of her husband’s, Sam, who has gone missing and is eventually found murdered, and trying to uncover who the killer was.  At the same time, flash-forwards occur that show 4 of her 5 interns–Wes, Michaela, Connor, and Laurel–trying to cover up the murder of who turns out to be Annalise’s husband, Sam.  The majority of the first season follows the cases Annalise and her interns must solve and the life events that occur to help us catch up with the flash-forwards to understand why Sam is murdered in the present day, and what happened to his murdered student, Lila Stangard.

This first season is INTENSE.  It’s amazing and suspenseful and so incredibly well-acted.  If you’re like me and get sucked into a good show really quickly, you’ll be screaming at your computer screen or freaking out or shouting “OOOO BURRRNNN” or “SUCK IT” quite often while watching this show.  I can’t stress how incredible HTGAWM really is.  I have 4 episodes left in the season and even with the time lapse gone and finally caught up to the present that lead to Sam’s murder, the aftermath is crazy.  This show keeps you on your toes at all times and I’m so anxious and excited for how the season will wrap up.  I can’t wait, and will update you on my freakout, most likely.

Till then, start the show yourself.  You won’t regret it.




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